local Knowledge


Qualified and dedicated local professionals, we specialize in FORESTRY, HIGHWAYS, PARKS and MINES.  Our excavation and  project experience includes everything from private homeowners to single burials to entire villages and even large Natural Resource District Inventories. 

Proudly owned and operated from Prince George, our crews have quickly and effectively mobilized to over 1000 projects.

Quality,  Value  ANd  Integrity

Our team guarantees efficient and comprehensive evaluation of any project's cultural heritage requirements. We pride ourselves on our integrity and our commitment to quick and comprehensive assessments while designing useful mitigation strategies.


Archaeological and Heritage Management Solutions for Industry and Community


Archaeological & Heritage Consulting

Heritage Conservation Act Compliance

Archaeological Impact Assessments (AIAs)

Archaeological Overviews (AOAs)

Site Alteration Permits  (SAPs)

Predictive Models and Inventories

Drone Fly-overs and Reconnaissance

GIS and Mapping

Historic and Ethnographic Research

Traditional Local Knowledge (TEK)